David Bowie Retrospective and Coloring Book

David Bowie Retrospective and Coloring Book by Mel Elliott★★★★ Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Thin White Duke. . . . Bowie changed his style more dramatically than any other musician in history. This retrospective presents music legend David Bowie’s most idiosyncratic and indelible looks throughout the years, within sight into his famed designer collaborations, fashion inspirations, … Continue reading David Bowie Retrospective and Coloring Book

The Pharaoh’s Daughter

The Pharaoh's DaughterBook 1: Treasures of the Nile seriesMesu Andrews★★★★1/2 Like the waters of the Nile, I will flow. Anippe has grown up in the shadows of Egypt’s good god Pharaoh, aware that Anubis, god of the afterlife, may take her--or her siblings--at any moment. She watched him snatch her mother and infant brother during … Continue reading The Pharaoh’s Daughter

Billy Joel: A Definitive Biography

Billy JoelJoel Schruers★★★★ An unprecedented look at the life, career, and legacy of the pint-sized kid from Long Island who became a rock icon. Exhibiting unparalleled intimate knowledge, Schruers chronicles Joel’s rise to the top of the charts, from his working-class origins in Levittown and early days spent in boxing rings and sweaty clubs to … Continue reading Billy Joel: A Definitive Biography

Bittersweet: A Novel

Bittersweet: A NovelMiranda Beverly-Whittemore ★ 1/2 Bittersweet exposes the gothic underbelly of an idyllic world of privilege and an outsider’s hunger to belong. Synopsis: On scholarship at a prestigious East Coast college, ordinary Mabel Dagmar is surprised to befriend her roommate, the beautiful, wild, blue-blooded Genevra Winslow. Ev invites Mabel to spend the summer at … Continue reading Bittersweet: A Novel

A Well-Crafted Home

A Well-Crafted HomeJanet Crowther★★★★ A beautiful, practical book for both aspiring makers and seasoned crafters.  Synopsis: A Well-Crafted Home includes simple, creative details that will tailor a space to your taste. More than just -DIY- crafts, these carefully designed projects call for good materials–like linen, leather, and wood–so the finished product will last you a … Continue reading A Well-Crafted Home